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2020 changed our ordinary lives with restrictions and partly blocked international connections. I used to use airplanes like flying taxis. But not now. 

I really missed dating and human connection. I decided to start offering video dates, texting, and erotic video call.

You will receive all my attention during the time you hire me.

You can connect with me via WhatsApp or email, as you feel more comfortable. Please only message! The call might be answered if called on the phone.

I offer an affordable price and the different ways of the payment, some of which the totally secure and confidential, I won't know you are done.

Gentlemen, I am not available for any kind of demonstration calls neither erotic call talk, or sending pictures. The payment should be in advance.

Kindly ask do not to write me stories that you were scammed. All my profiles are verified and in google, you can find only one Diana with the same pics. 

Payment modes

For erotic video calls

At the moment payment is made with crypto currency and Russian banks. 

Bitcoin (BTC) and Monero (XMR).The options below are unavailable.

Thank you for understanding!❤ - the app is not available for all countries. - you can do instant send on the card  - ask me for details.

Online card payment: payment on the site.

Ask me for details directly or visit navigation


Western Union. It will take 3 up 15 min

Contact - 5-15 min

Unistream 5-15 min.

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